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NEW CUSTOMERS - PROMOCODE: NEW20 - Get £20 off your first order (Orders over £269)
NEW CUSTOMERS - PROMOCODE: NEW20 - Get £20 off your first order (Orders over £269)
Craft your favourite coffee bar drinks at home with innovative professional barista technology.
Enjoy a rich, smooth espresso - or finish your coffee with a velvety layer of milk using the Adjustable Cappuccino System.
With its swing black body and stylish matt finish, the unique Dedica espresso maker adds a touch of authentic Italian design to any kitchen.

Key Features:

  • Enjoy rich, smooth espresso with perfect crema using your favourite blend or pod

  • Thermoblock technology crafts your espresso at the perfect temperature

  • Brew a wide range of milk based beverages with the adjustable Cappuccino System

  • Stainless Steel finish



Timeless style

Perfection lies in the detail with charming finishing touches in a chic, matte tone. Today, the joy of coffee begins with visual pleasure.

Barista experience at home

Create a coffee as perfect as that served in an italian coffee bar!
Thanks to the filter holder and the adjustable cappuccino system
Which lets you select to just heat the milk or create a velvety milk foam, you have the freedom to create any drink you like , from a perfect flat white, to a creamy cappuccino.

Made to measure drinks just for you

Practicality meets style with the adjustable drip tray allowing you to use taller glasses of up to 13cm in height so you can enjoy any kind of coffee based milk beverage.

Simple perfection

A minimalist design to enhance comfort and easy to use.
An intuitive 3 function control panel for a simple, istantaneous pleasures.


Select one of three filters single espresso double espresso ESE pod
Pour one scoop of ground coffee
*Tip - use a grinder to grind fresh beans to get the best flavour.


Optional extra product - using De'Longhi tamper.


Programmable dosing buttons for single and double shot.
The unique Thermoblock technology keeps the water at the exact temperature required to brew a perfect Espresso.


Froth milk with the adjustable milk frother for a perfect cappuccino, or choose to steam milk for a caffe latte.
Professional stainless steel milk jug. (Optional extra.)


Set you creativity wild and see what you can create.


  • Espresso

    Short coffee with a bold flavour
    30ml Espresso

  • Americano

    30ml Espresso
    220ml Hot water
    Tip: Pour the hot water first and top off with espresso

  • Espresso macchiato

    30ml Espresso
    30ml Foamed milk
    Tip: Use a spoon to add the foamed milk

  • Cappuccino

    60ml Milk
    60ml Espresso
    50ml Foamed milk
    Tip: To create layers, pour the milk first then add coffee

  • Latte macchiato

    300ml Steamed milk
    60ml Espresso
    20ml Foamed milk
    Tip: To create layers, pour the milk first then add coffee

  • Cappucino mix

    60ml Espresso
    60ml Steamed milk
    50ml Foamed milk
    Tip: Pour the coffee first

  • Flat white

    60ml Espresso
    120ml Steamed milk
    Tip: Pour the espresso first followed by the steamed milk

  • Tea

    Use the steam arm, open the valve to release hot water




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