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NEW CUSTOMERS - PROMOCODE: NEW20 - Get £20 off your first order (Orders over £269)

AGA R7 150 Induction 150cm Electric Cooker

by AGA
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£23,219.00 - £23,219.00
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The AGA R7 150-5 offers three cast-iron ovens with four different temperature settings as well as additional slow-cooking and warming ovens, two independently controlled hotplates and the choice of either, a single-zone induction hob or an AGA warming plate. As part of the 24/7 Radiant Heat collection, these models are on all the time, keeping the kitchen cosy and are ready to cook the moment you are.

For flexibility and energy saving, the four oven settings include an economy low mode and a high temperature option to provide a boost when you need it. The hotplates heat up in 10 to 12 minutes, so can be switched on only when needed.

The cast-iron ovens also feature an Altrashell™ coating, which seals the cast-iron and makes them easier to clean. The inner door liners can be removed and placed in a dishwasher.

Key Features

Collection 24/7 Radiant Heat
Product Family AGA R7
Model Name R7 150-5i
Height (mm) 915
Width (mm) 1478
Depth (mm) 698
Weight (kg) 450
No. of Ovens 5
Roasting Oven Yes
Baking Oven Yes
Simmering Oven Yes
Slow Cook Oven Yes
Warming Oven Yes
Boiling Plate Yes
Simmering Plate Yes
Switch On / Switch Off Hotplates Yes
Induction Hob Yes
Number of Induction Zones One
Room Vented Yes

Technical Specifications

Fuel Type Electric
Roasting Oven Height (mm) 250
Roasting Oven Width (mm) 350
Roasting Oven Depth (mm) 500
Roasting Oven Usable Capacity (l) 40.6
Baking Oven Height (mm) 250
Baking Oven Width (mm) 350
Baking Oven Depth (mm) 500
Baking Oven Usable Capacity (l) 39
Simmering Oven Height (mm) 250
Simmering Oven Width (mm) 350
Simmering Oven Depth (mm) 500
Simmering Oven Usable Capacity (l) 40.6
Slow Cook Oven Height (mm) 250
Slow Cook Oven Width (mm) 350
Slow Cook Oven Depth (mm) 530
Slow Cook Oven Usable Capacity (l) 43
Warming Oven Height (mm) 250
Warming Oven Width (mm) 350
Warming Oven Depth (mm) 530
Warming Oven Usable Capacity (l) 43

Product User Guide

If You Require The User Guide For The Induction Version Of The Hot Cupboard Or For Any Of The Accompanying Modules, Please Visit The Document Store Section Of The Web Site Under Customer Support

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