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NEW CUSTOMERS - PROMOCODE: NEW20 - Get £20 off your first order (Orders over £269)
NEW CUSTOMERS - PROMOCODE: NEW20 - Get £20 off your first order (Orders over £269)
Toshiba TY-ASC50 Wireless Speaker System Small but it packs a punch! Extremely portable and rechargeable, this system makes it easy to enjoy great music anywhere. It is Bluetooth-compatible, letting you stream wireless music from any enabled mobile device, making it ideal to pair with your phone or computer. Its flashing LED DJ lights makes it a great speaker to have at any party or rave- it will even flash to the beat of the music!

Features and Benefits

  • Flashing DJ lights – LED lights that flash to the beat of the music.

  • Portable – Thanks to the rechargeable built-in batteries and included external ac/dc adapter for back up.

  • Bluetooth – Compatible with Bluetooth so that you can connect it to your wireless devices.


  • 50-watt speaker

  • Flashing LED lights

  • Bluetooth compatible

  • mp3 functionality

  • FM PLL stereo radio: clock, alarm & snooze function

  • Stereo earphone jack

  • 2 x USB input for music playback

  • Rechargeable batteries: 12-volt built-in rechargeable batteries

  • Included external ac/dc adapter

  • Dimensions: D 23.5 x W 23.5 x H 54 cm

  • Colour: Black

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