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NEW CUSTOMERS - PROMOCODE: NEW20 - Get £20 off your first order (Orders over £269)

KitchenAid Mixer Tilt-Head 4.8L Artisan 5KSM125

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KitchenAid Artisan 125 Stand Mixer 5KSM125

About KitchenAid Artisan 125 Stand Mixers

Subtly updated to ensure it remains a design classic, simple embossed logos, retro good looks and smooth, rounded design put KitchenAid’s Artisan Stand Mixer on top of many a kitchen 'wish list' and it doesn’t just end there. In addition to flawless design credentials, this new version of the brand’s best-selling model continues to justify its well-deserved reputation for flawless performance thanks to its reliability, speed and efficiency.

Powerful Mixing

Solidly made from die-cast zinc, its powerful but quiet 10 speed, direct drive motor can handle larger batches and heavier mixing tasks just as easily as lighter, smaller mixing tasks and the patented ‘planetary’ mixing action means that your ingredients are mixed quickly and thoroughly every time.

Easy to Use

Simple, intuitive controls help make it suitable for novice and accomplished cooks alike, its single attachment hub makes changing attachments very straightforward and it comes with a 4.8 litre stainless steel bowl.


This model comes with three attachments – a stainless steel 6 wire whisk with aluminium head for gently folding air into eggs and egg whites, whipping light, fluffy cream and making dips and sauces, an aluminium dough hook with non-stick nylon coating for mixing and kneading the perfect yeast dough for bread, pizza and pasta, and an aluminium Artisan® flat beater with non-stick nylon coating for heavier mixing tasks such as making cakes, frostings or even mashing potatoes – and a wide range of other optional attachments are also available.

Bowl, dough hook and Artisan flat beater are all dishwasher safe.

5-year manufacturer's guarantee.

Product dimensions

  • Cable Length 145cm

  • 37 x 24 x 36cm

  • 300W

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Made from die-cast metal, and still assembled by hand in Ohio (US), the Stand Mixer is not only elegant, but durable, easy-to-clean and use. The shades, of red, black, silver and cream cater to all tastes, kitchens and cooks! The high quality and timeless, adaptable design of our iconic Stand Mixer helps you create delicious, homemade taste sensations. The original planetary action – which sees the beater rotate in one direction while it whisks and turns in the other, constantly pushes ingredients towards the centre of the bowl. 10 speed settings ensure fast, thorough and precise mixing. The Stand Mixer is efficient, reliable and long lasting. Since cooking is a multi-stage process, the Artisan Stand Mixer is designed as the most versatile kitchen tool. A wide variety of attachments and optional accessories can simply be plugged in. The single multi-purpose hub will allow you to mince meat, slice vegetables, roll and cut pasta, squeeze, chop and process… Do all this and much more with just one appliance!

Make anything

The most versatile appliance in your kitchen


The dough hook is perfect for kneading all kinds of dough. Use it for making pasta, pizza and bread.


Grab the wire whisk when you need to incorporate air into your mixtures.


The flat beater tackles heavier mixtures and gives you the right consistency for everything from mashed potatoes to frostings.

The fun in functional

With our smooth, rounded tilt-head design available in 4 different colours, you’ll find the perfect mixer for you.

- Elegant, easy to use and quick to clean. Spend more time baking and cooking instead of going through the user manual.

Do the twist

It’s never been easier to add ingredients into your mixture, thanks to the original planetary action of our stand mixer. Low-effort and high-quality results go hand in hand.

- The beater rotates in one direction while its whisk turns in the other, constantly pushing ingredients towards the centre of the bowl.

Built to last

Our stand mixers are built from the toughest materials and can take on any recipe you throw at (or in) them. What recipe will you challenge your stand mixer with?

- Our stand mixers can withstand anything from sticky mixtures to compact doughs. So, don’t be shy. Give your stand mixer a challenge.

Adapts to your needs

Choose from a whole range of attachments. Simply plug them in and you’re ready!
Create any dish you’ve ever wanted to make.

- The accessories are perfect for changing and adapting your stand mixer to suit your needs and culinary adventures.

Feature Image

4.8L Stainless Steel Bowl

And you can do even more

Unleash your inner creativity and reveal the true chef inside of you


Model Name 5KSM125
Wattage (W) 300
Motor type AC (Alternating current)
Horse power 0.19
Voltage (V) 220-240
Current (A) 0,2
Electrical connection rating (W) 300
Frequency (Hz) 50/60
Max. rotation speed (rpm) 220
Min. rotation speed (rpm) 58
One-touch burst speed 58
Max Quantity of Flour (Kg) 1
Body material Zinc
Length of cable (cm) 145
Bowl capacity (L) 4.8
Electrical speed control present Yes
Product Height (mm) 360
Width of product (mm) 240
Depth of product (mm) 370
Packaging Height (mm) 413
Packaging Width (mm) 406
Packaging Depth (mm) 273
Net weight (kg) 10.4
Material of mixing bowl Stainless steel
Gross weight (kg) 11.5
Pie crust: kg of flour 0.5
Max Quantity of Egg white 12
Max Quantity of Whipped Cream (L) 1
Max quantity of Cake (Kg) 2.7
Bread dough (stiff yeast dough = 55% Absorbtion ratio) 2 2
Max Quantity of Mashed Potatoi (kg) 1.5
Max quantity of Cookies (standard 5.1 cm - 2 inch cookie) 108
Plug type Type B

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