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NEW CUSTOMERS - PROMOCODE: NEW20 - Get £20 off your first order (Orders over £269)
4-slice toaster to be proud of
Is it possible to love your toaster? We think so. Our toaster 4-slice - Artisan can toast breads and pastries or all shapes and sizes. It’s also a real centrepiece in the kitchen - looking stylish on the countertop. Robust and generous enough to accommodate chunky or longer-length bread like artisan breads, warm buns or croissants, it toasts every slice to perfection.

Rustic and seeded? Crusty olive? Cheese boule? Slip your favourite in generous toasting slots. There won't be a queue with the option to toast 2 or 4 slices at the same time. Everyone's happy.

Toasted sandwiches in a 4-slice toaster
You may swear by a cheese and tomato croque monsieur to kick-start your engine in the morning, or look forward to a comforting chocolate spread toastie when you get back from work. You don't need a separate toasted sandwich maker and you don't need to do all the work manually on the grill. The toaster 4-slice - Artisan comes with a stainless steel sandwich rack (sandwich press) to make it easy. Add your favourite fillings and use the rack to minimise drips.

Bagel function on your 4-slice toaster
Everyone who loves bagels knows they get hot quickly! Our toaster 4-slice - Artisan solves the problem with the special bagel function. Pop the bagel in to toast the sliced edge, while gently warming the outside.

It's also ideal for buns. All ready to smear with cream cheese or jam. Perfect!

Handy keep warm function
We've all done it: run off to feed the dog or sort the laundry and forget about the toast. Did you know that the toaster 4-slice - Artisan has a sensor which automatically lowers/lifts the toast and keeps it warm if you don't take it out?

Like a helpful friend, it keeps it ready for up to 3 minutes.

Toaster 4 slice - Artisan is built to last
Toasters are used all the time and need to be robust enough for family life! Particularly when you have hungry children streaming through the kitchen. That's why our toaster 4 slice - Artisan is made out of die-cast metal. Everything about this toaster feels reassuringly solid.

What is the best 4-slice toaster?
The best 4-slice toaster combines gorgeous style with helpful extras. Our toaster 4-slice - Artisan is available in Candy Apple or Medallion Silver for timeless style. The LED countdown timer shows the progress, and you can choose from 7 shade settings - from dark to barely warm. With an independent pair of slots, you can control 2 or 4 slices at the same time. The included stainless steel sandwich rack is designed for making perfect toasties and the bagel function reduces power on one side so you can toast the cut side while gently warming the outer edge.

Snacks to make with your 4-slice toaster
Toast isn't just for breakfast. Lots of us reach for the toaster when we get in from a party or get cosy watching a box set. Here are a few ideas for toast-based evening snacks:

  • goats cheese and halved grapes

  • chocolate spread and banana slices

  • hummus and cucumber

  • mushy peas and mint

  • smoked salmon and cream cheese

  • sardines and lemon juice

  • sliced strawberries and basil

Experiment with artisan breads
Artisan breads can easily fit in the wide slots. These breads may be plain or crammed with tasty ingredients. Popular savoury breads are made with tomatoes, herbs, sees, grains and olives. You can suit your diet with gluten-free recipes and why not smother them in feta cheese and freshly-picked basil leaves?

Sweet café-style snacks
Think beyond savoury with your new toaster 4 slice - Artisan from KitchenAid. Try toasting breads made with figs, bananas, cinnamon, raisins or even chocolate chips. Whatever the shape and size, they can be toasted to perfection and bring sweetness to your day. Treat yourself.

Coffee machines
If you look forward to that first sip of coffee, we have a selection of brewing methods to suit you. Enjoy it just the way you like it, every day.

Need a lovely cup of tea or coffee to go with that toast?
Look no further than our sleek and efficient kettles.

Breakfast sets
Look forward to getting up each morning to make breakfast with your new kettle and toaster. Our sets combine gorgeous aesthetics with lots of useful features.

The 4-slice - Artisan toaster 5KMT4205 is a real style statement that makes toasting a real pleasure. This curvy toaster does it all. It has a die-cast metal construction and 2 independent pairs of slots so that you can toast 2 or 4 slices. The generous slots are ideal for chunky or longer-length homemade and artisan breads, as well as buns, bagels and croissants. Choose from 7 shade settings to suit your taste – whether you like it dark and crunchy or gently warmed. The LED countdown timer shows you the progress. If you love bagels, you’ll welcome the clever bagel function which reduces power by 50% on one side so that the outer side gently warms. The frozen function defrosts when you’re in a rush and need to use breads straight from the freezer. This innovative 4-slice toaster is automatic which means it uses a sensor to lower and raise the breads for you. Like a thoughtful friend, it will keep it warm for up to 3 minutes if you're called away and don't take it out within 45 seconds. The Artisan 4-slot toaster comes with a KitchenAid toasted sandwich rack made of stainless steel with insulated handles. Enjoy croque monsieur, without worrying about spills.


  • Model Name - 5KMT4205


  • Material of the body - Die-cast

  • Electrical connection rating (W) - 2500

  • Voltage (V) - 220-240

  • Frequency (Hz) - 50/60

  • Height of the product - 205

  • Width of the product - 348

  • Depth of the product - 304

  • Height of the packed product - 292

  • Width of the packed product - 400

  • Depth of the packed product - 382

  • Net weight (kg) - 7.5

  • Gross weight (kg) - 8.5

  • Plug type - Type B

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