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NEW CUSTOMERS - PROMOCODE: NEW20 - Get £20 off your first order (Orders over £269)
NEW CUSTOMERS - PROMOCODE: NEW20 - Get £20 off your first order (Orders over £269)
Double Horizone hob with central extraction. Horizone allows the user to cook on 2 single zones or one large zone. Allowing the user to place larger than normal pots on the hob.

Key Features

  • This hob is suitable for duct out or recirculation.

  • Residual heat indicator

  • Big 2L anti-overflow safety tank

  • Boil function lets you know when the pan is boiling

  • Switch from one zone to another

  • Grease & charcoal filters included

  • 3 years warranty

  • Dimensions (mm): H898 x W800 x D515

  • Filter saturation indicator

Using the Hob

Independent Timer: This function allows you to time an event, without cooking.

Elapsed Time Key: This function displays the time since the power setting was last changed for a selected cooking zone. To use this function, press the 'Elapsed Time Function' button. The elapsed time flashes in the selected zone's timer display. If you want cooking to end within a specific time, press the 'Elapsed Time Function' key, and then, within 5 seconds, press '+' on the timer to increased the desired cooking time. The elapsed time is displayed fixed for 3 seconds & then the remaining time is displayed. A beep sounds to confirm your choice. This function is available with or without the timer function. Note: if the timer is showing a time, it is not possible to change it within 5 seconds of pressing the 'Elapsed Time Function' button. After 5 seconds, the time can be changed.

Child Safety Lock: Locks the controls when the hob isn't in use or during cooking (to maintain the current settings). For safety reasons, only the stop key & the zone selection keys are still active & allow the hob or a cooking zone to be switched off.

Clean Lock function: Locks the hob off while it is being cleaned.

Recall function: Lets you display the last settings for all the burners which were switched off less than 3 minutes previously. To use this function, the hob must be unlocked. (further details in user manual)

Function Boil: You can boil & simmer water to cook pasta. Note: it is important that water is at ambient temperature at the start of cooking or the final result will be distorted. Do not use a cast iron pan with this function. You can also use this function to cook any food that needs to be cooked in boiling water.

Auto-stop safety function: If you forget to switch off a pan, your hotplate has an ""auto-stop"" safety function that automatically switches off the forgotten cooking zone after a preset time (between 1 & 10 hours based on the power level setting). If the safety system is triggered, the cooking zone is shown as cut off with ""AS"" displayed on the control panel and a beep sounds for about 2 minutes. To stop it, simply press any of the control buttons.

ICS will recommend to the user the best zone for the size of the saucepan.

Switch allows the user to switch from one zone to another and also transfers the temperature.

Using the Hood

Changing speed: Swipe the slider with your finger to change fan speed. The LEDs light up according to speed.

Automatic speed reset: At maximum speed, the hood will automatically change to the lower speed setting after 9 minutes.

Timer: Press the timer key to maintain ventilation at the selected speed for 10 minutes. Your hood will switch off after 4 hours' operation or if no touch keys have been pressed for 4 hours.

Saturated filters: After 30 hours' operation & when all the LEDs flash simultaneously, this means that the grease filters are saturated & need to be cleaned or replaced. A long press on the timer key switches off the LEDs & resets the process.

Tech Spec

General information
Brand De Dietrich
Energy Type Electric
Hob Type Induction Hob
Number of electric zones 4 Zones
Colour Black
Warranty 5 years
Depth 52cm
Height 90cm
Width 80cm
Type of control Touch
Power Load 7.4kW

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