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De Dietrich DX2 Pyrolytic Single Oven Absolute Black DOP7350A

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De Dietrich DX2 Pyrolytic Single Oven Absolute Black DOP7350A

SKU DOP7350A Categories , Model: DOP7350A

Countless recipes pre-programmed into this oven take flavour to a new level, and its large interior cavity is equipped with rail-mounted sliding racks, making it perfect for cooking multiple dishes at the same time. It is a real gem which will provide you with the perfect stage for your culinary talents!

Low-Temperature Cooking: 10 Dishes
The utmost respect for culinary tradition. Used by top chefs, this gentle, even and consistent method of cooking at temperatures lower than 100°C is perfect for delivering particularly tender and fl avoursome meat. All you have to do is choose your dish and the oven will then automatically cook the product as required.

The Culinary Guide
After choosing a preprogrammed recipe and entering the weight of the dish, the oven automatically determines the appropriate cooking mode, as well as the ideal temperature and the cooking time required down to the minute.

Drying Function
This dehydration process allows you to dry aromatic herbs, fruits and vegetables at a perfectly controlled temperature of between 60°C and 80°C. By preventing the build-up of bacteria, it allows you to preserve produce for several months and use it whenever you like.

Optimised 73-litre Volume and Outstanding Energy Performance
This spacious cavity makes it as easy as can be to prepare large or wide dishes, with six different shelf levels easily identifi able on the sides of the oven so that you can follow its recommendations and place your cooking dish at the ideal height.

Soft Close Door
This patented system, exclusive to De Dietrich, enables the oven door to gently close itself. The ultimate comfort of soft closure.

Telescopic Rail System
The rolling rail system enables you to slide racks and dishes in and out of the oven with the greatest of ease.


Main Specifications:

  • Energy input: Electric
  • Cooking mode: Multi-function +
  • Type of cleaning: Pyrolytic

Control panel

  • Material of the control panel: Metal + glass
  • Colour of the panel: Black
  • Number of knobs: 1
  • Type of functions without timer: Cooking Function


  • Number of glass panel on door: 4
  • Door material: Metal + glass
  • Door colour: Black
  • Type of door: Cold door
  • Door opening: Drop down, Soft Close


  • Cavity capacity (L): 73
  • Dimensions of the cavity HxWxD (mm): 382X474X405


  • Number of bulb: 1
  • Type of bulb: Halogen
  • Door opening light: Yes

Pan area

  • Number of grids: 4
  • Type of grid: 2 flat safety grids;2 half-grids
  • Number of trays: 1
  • Type of dishes and trays:
  • Telescopic racks and shelves: Sliding system partial
  • Turnspit: No


  • Pre-heating time (min): 7
  • Energy consumption for pre-heating (kWh): 0.36
  • Energy consumption for 1hr at 175°/200°C (kWh): 0.45
  • 80 minutes Pyro cycle Consumption (kWh): 2.6

Safety devices

  • Safety devices: Lock command access


  • Voltage (V): 220-240
  • Frequency (Hz): 50/60
  • Current (A): 16
  • Length electrical supply cord (cm): 115
  • Plug type: Without
  • Electrical connection rating (KW): 3.385


  • Dimensions of product (mm) (HxWxD): 592X592X609
  • Built in dimensions HxWxD(mm): 585X560X550
  • Net weight (kg): 37.5
  • Gross weight (kg): 39.8

Oven functions

  • Cooking functions: Stop
  • Cooking functions 2: Fan assisted heat
  • Cooking functions 3: Combined Heat
  • Cooking functions 4: Conventional
  • Cooking functions 5: Eco
  • Cooking functions 6: Fanned Grill
  • Cooking functions 7: Bottom + Fan
  • Cooking functions 8: Variable grill
  • Cooking functions 9: Full grill
  • Cooking functions 10: Defrosting
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